Genome Explorer® is transforming medicine Through Whole Genome InsightsTM

Genome Explorer® is an entire platform dedicated to the comprehensive analysis of a patient’s whole genome to discover the ultimate genetic cause of disease, and to improve treatment using the most effective drugs. It is a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) at the point of care that satisfies all of the expectations of clinicians and molecular diagnostic specialists.

Easy to use at the point of care

By the touch of a button, rapid analysis of the whole genome produces a comprehensive report with everything that a clinician needs in one quick look at the point of care.

Genetic details of diagnosis, therapeutics, and pharmacogenomics allow deeper insights into the disease, treatment, and harmful side effects.

Genome Explorer® is the clinician’s one-stop solution for genomic medicine.

Integrating all genomic data into a single platform

Genome Explorer® integrates all of the data that a clinician needs in a single platform, including diagnosis, therapeutics and harmful side effects. There is no need to search in multiple databases and use multiple tools to find the genes and mutations for a patient. Genome Explorer® integrates all of the databases and tools in a seamless manner.

Our platform includes extensive graphic details for every patient gene. It allows clinicians and researchers to visualize the genetic mechanism of disease causation and drug responses.

All within a few hours, instead of days and weeks.

Cohort Genome ExplorerTM

It currently takes months or years to analyze thousands of patients' genome data to discover disease-causing genes.

Genome Explorer's Cohort Explorer takes only a day or two to analyze all of the patient data and produce a comprehensive report by the touch of a button, using novel algorithms and powerful cloud computing technologies.

Cohort Genome Explorer analyzes all of the coding, regulatory and splicing elements from the whole genomes of all patients, and pinpoints the genes and mutations that cause disease and drug responses.

Clinical trial genomics

Deeper Whole Genome InsightsTM will yield more successful drug candidates by discovering genes and mutations responsible for drug response phenotypes. This will empower pharmaceutical companies to develop the most effective drugs with the least side effects.

Genome International is The Whole Genome CompanyTM

The whole genome includes all of the coding, regulatory and splicing elements in all of the ~20,000 genes in a patient.

Genome Explorer® harnesses the power of many novel algorithms to discover disease-causing genes and mutations in the whole genome.

With its proprietary whole genome technologies, Genome Explorer® is poised to bring clinical genomics to the forefront of clinical practice and make it the standard of care.

  • Clinical researchers

    Harness the Whole Genome Insights of Genome Explorer® to bring the power of gene discovery to your research.

  • Hospitals

    Genome Explorer® brings Precision Medicine to your desk, making it easy to extract information from the patient genome with the touch of a button within a minute.

    Innovative, cost-effective, and readily accessible Clinical Decision Support System at your point of care, that manages all patient data and reports in your EHR.

    Reduces the pain of every hospital stakeholder and brings a high ROI.

    Diagnostic Labs
  • Diagnostic Labs

    Genome Explorer is empowered with a variety of molecular diagnostic and genetic risk tests in multiple verticals, with its actionable mutation data for disease and therapeutics, as well as its unique predictive capabilities.